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Pulse Difference

Pulse NeedleFree Systems’ product designs reflect decades of applied engineering. Pulse has several patents in the United States and other strategic jurisdictions. Pulse continues research and development activities to expand its product offering and intellectual property position.

Pulse Works
Use of Pulse NeedleFree Systems’ injection systems has been shown to deliver significant benefits to livestock producers.

These benefits include:
Biosecurity: Animal health is improved by eliminating needles that transfer disease

Strong Efficacy: Transdermal delivery exposes antigen to highly-immunogenic cells in the skin

Food Safety: Meat is safer because there is no potential for broken needle fragments in consumer products

Productivity: Carcass yield is increased because tissue damage from needle injections is significantly reduced

Speed: Labor costs are reduced in large-scale injection programs

Worker Safety: Worker injuries from needle sticks and repetitive motion injuries are dramatically reduced

Environmentally Friendly: Medical waste disposal costs are eliminated

Dose Accuracy: Human error is reduced when the Pulse’s “automatic” injection process delivers the dose instantaneously into the tissue

Pulse FX: The World’s First Disposable Needle-Free Injector
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