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Pulse FX

The World’s First Disposable Needle-Free Injector

A New Model

The Pulse FX is the world’s first disposable needle-free injection device for livestock.

The Pulse FX device is specifically designed to replicate the user experience of conventional disposable syringes.

The FX device is cost-equivalent to needles and syringes, so producers enjoy the benefits of needle-free (food safety, disease transmission, worker efficiency) with no increase in production costs. 


Pulse's Approach to the FX Line


Internal power unit – no separate pressure amplifier component and related connective hoses


Disposable, compatible with how many farms view conventional syringes

Labor Efficiency

Maintenance-free device that is simple to use, to ease producers’ transition to needle-free

Farm Ready

Utilizes easily-accessible compressed air supply for device power source


Cost-competitive with conventional syringes, with optimized biosecurity, labor and food safety

Safe and Easy to Use

Advanced ergonomics and worker safety features

Pulse’s FX Device

  • Devices specifically for small pigs (processing-early nursery)
  • Fixed dose volumes, with devices ranging from 0.2 ml to 2.0 ml
  • No o-ring seals to change, no heavy batteries, no confusing electronics
  • Complex technology made remarkably simple to use
  • All-in-one pneumatic unit weighing less than 500 grams

Needle-Free Made Easy




FX Hands-Free for Piglet Processing
– Labor Savings
– Precise Injection Placement
– Less Handling Stress

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Product Manual / Instructional Video

"The best machine is the one with the fewest parts."
- Nikola Tesla